If Re-Elected

If re-elected, to the Town Council I will work to:

  • Implement zoning changes that support diversity and affordability;
  • Support the development of the Community Responders for Equity, Security, and Safety  (CRESS) Program;
  • Responsibly implement the four capital building projects: the school, the library, the Fire House, and the DPW;
  • Build a permanent Shelter for unhoused residents;
  • Support the creation of a Resident Oversight Committee to address policing;
  • Address staffing issues in the Health and Fire Departments;
  • Find ways to build up the Reparations Fund;
  •  Implement our Energy and Resiliency goals; 
  • Increase regular public participation that is representative of the diversity of Amherst residents; and
  • Address the deep divisions that exist in Amherst.

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