With great honor and pride we announce that Amherst Fire Fighters Local 1764 has endorsed your candidacy for election to the Amherst Town Council. You have supported the people of Amherst during your years as a Town Council member. We believe that you will continue your fight for social justice and work to improve the wellbeing and safety of all the people in the Amherst community.

Ben Graham,  President Amherst Fire Fighters Local 1764


As a Town Councilor, Pat has shown that she is hard working, thoughtful, balanced, a good listener and that she cares deeply for the town and its residents. A lifetime of activism demonstrates Pat’s commitment to social and economic justice and she brings that lens to every meeting of the Town Council.  What I most appreciate about Pat, however, is that she approaches issues with an open mind and a willingness to change her mind as she learns more or hears a different perspective.  More than once I have observed that she has revisited her initial opinion about an issue when new information or a new perspective becomes available—a rare and valuable quality indeed!  I know I can trust Pat to make a thoughtful decision that is in the best interests of the town.  Peggy Shannon


In one’s lifetime, the opportunity to meet someone truly inspiring is a rare event. For me getting to know Pat as part of the Alternatives to Violence Program has truly been one of those events. She is a leader. She is a collaborator. She is a mentor. She has so clearly earned the respect of all her fellow facilitators in the AVP community.

I can say with absolute certainty that when re-elected as a Town Council woman, Pat will continue to inspire and dedicate her services to the community by being a positive influence on the young people she encounters, by working for change, bridging the gaps of racial and economic inequality, gender diversity, and by having positive insights on the Town’s future goals and younger generations.

In Pat I recognize a natural candidate. I see a woman with strong, unwavering work ethic and a deep desire to help others. I have great respect for her honesty, passion and integrity.

Willie Myers,  Alternative to Violence Program Representative


In my relationship with Pat, I have always found her to be deeply receptive to the community’s input about how she can leverage her position of power to meet community needs. She consistently models openness, curiosity, love, acceptance, and transparency in the way she shows up. She yearns for meaningful relationships with residents of Amherst who often go unseen and unheard and she demonstrates deep love and caring in those relationships. I believe these are essential qualities for a legislator to have and Pat has them in spades.   Caitlin


I support Patricia DeAngelis as a candidate for Town Council for two primary reasons. First, I know that she is there to serve the community. She is only interested in trying to do what is best for all the residents of this community.  As part of this commitment, she seeks out the concerns and needs of sectors of our community whose views are seldom considered when town government makes decisions.   She does not vote based on a preconceived commitment to any one or any segment of the town.  I do not always agree with how Pat has voted, but I feel assured that she listened carefully to all viewpoints and then supported a course of action that best serves the needs of the community at large.  Secondly, I experience Pat as someone who can be influenced.  She listens and lets what she hears impact how she understands a situation.  She changes her views based on the information presented. Pat is the type of elected official that I want to be in office and I am happy to support her.

Michel Burkart

 “Pat is one of the most honest, truth seeking, passionate people we know. She is willing to take a stand for what she believes is right and is always ready and willing to listen to others’ viewpoints. She is someone who is not afraid to ask the questions that need to be asked! When we moved to Amherst over 12 years ago, we immediately recognized that Pat was someone we could count on to show up and help out even when it wasn’t the ‘easy thing to do.”

–Annie Patterson  & Peter Blood, Amherst District 2 residents and creators of the songbooks Rise Up Singing and Rise Again

“I feel so lucky that Pat is running for our new Town Council.  This is a woman of incredible grit, humor, and wisdom, with a deep belief in justice for all.  Pat is someone I trust wholeheartedly.  She is a wonderful listener and insightful thinker, and I imagine her as our rock in the new Council.  Pat places herself firmly on the side of the marginalized, recognizing and confronting unbalanced power and privilege with grace and love.  Amherst will be more fully Amherst, with all voices heard and respected, if Pat is our representative.”

 — Margaret Sawyer, Amherst resident

“I support Pat De Angelis for our new Town Council.  Pat is a person of integrity and vision, with a deep commitment to social justice.  She understands that we have important decisions to make at the local level with regard to climate change, in addition to the other big issues confronting our new Council.  I trust Pat’s judgment, openness to multiple points of view, and constructive problem-solving talents.  Our entire town will benefit from having Pat on the Council.”

  — Russ Vernon-Jones, Amherst resident District 4


Admittedly, I can be quite ambivalent about politics.  I could never, however, be ambivalent about my deep respect and admiration for Pat DeAngelis.  For the past several months I have shared many hours with Pat in providing sanctuary accompaniment for Lucio Perez at First Church Amherst.  Simply by observing Pat engage with people from all walks of life, including folks with differing political viewpoints and diverse life experiences, I have learned so much.  The importance of deep listening, authentic inclusion, grassroots justice, empathy and love.  I have also learned how skilled Pat is in problem-solving, responsive to the concerns and needs of others, practical and mature in her ability to change her mind when reasonable.  Honestly, I don’t know what Pat thinks about every challenge and issue facing our town.  What I do know, however, is that Pat will inclusively listen to all those voices who care enough about Amherst to speak up, and she will make informed decisions with the best interests of our community and future generations in mind.  I may not agree with her on every issues, but I share — and try to live — the very same principles and values that guide Pat DeAngelis every day.  Hmmm . . maybe I’m not so ambivalent after all!”   

— Glen Bertrand Amherst Resident District 5

“We’ve lived in Amherst for over 36 years and while we will be leaving to live in Northampton soon (for family reasons), we will still be here regularly and will maintain an active interest in and deep caring for our town. We believe, as we know you do, that Amherst is at a crucial turning point. With residents of Amherst having a less direct voice in governance we are all thinking carefully about who will represent us on Town Council – who will listen to us, take our concerns seriously, and who will try to do what is best for all of us, particularly people whose voices are not represented in the circles of power in Amherst.

We think this will take people of tremendous integrity, strength, honesty, and intelligence; people willing to patiently listen to many points of view and with the ability to build bridges and reconcile differences in beliefs, opinions and experiences. We need a representative who supports and lives the values of inclusion, compassion and collaboration. We need a person who is willing to provide leadership for addressing our most difficult issues- the future of our school system, issues of injustice and inequality, and the impact of climate change and to find ways to bring people together to address these issues at the local level.

That’s why we’re asking you to vote for Pat De Angelis as one of the two representatives from District 2″

— Susan and Renee Theberge

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